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The goal at moistureMASTER™ is simple – to design, manufacture and install the best home ventilation system possible. Since the humble beginnings in 1998 moistureMASTER™ home ventilation systems continues to be the industry leader in innovation and performance. And now, thanks to a nationwide network of dealers, thousands of moistureMASTER™ systems have been installed throughout New Zealand.

The importance of good home ventilation should not be underestimated. The quality of our air is continuously under threat from fumes, dust, pollens, excessive moisture, mould and other pollutants. Exposure to poor quality air can result in long term health issues. It makes sense that the air we bring into our homes should be filtered, fresh and drier – moistureMASTER™ air.

moistureMASTER™ is the authority on home ventilation, heat recovery ventilation, condensation control, heat exchange ventilation and ventilation extraction systems.

moistureMASTER™ offers many unique features and benefits including a 5 year warranty. You’ll enjoy and appreciate the moistureMASTER differences – they are significant.