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What is so Special About the moistureMASTER™ Filter?

Although the filters look fairly simple and innocuous the actual manufacturing process is quite involved. Filters must deliver a consistent reliable performance. One of the primary requirements for any moistureMASTER™ filter is that it must maintain its rating for its life expectancy – 12 months. The moistureMASTER standard filter is rated at EU4. moistureMASTER™ EU4 filters are guaranteed to remove approximately 96% of all pollens and about thirty per cent of particles at 3 microns.

While the filter removes air pollutants it must also allow the correct air flow. Excessive pressure on the fan caused by dirty filters, incorrect filter specifications (washed filters) or poor maintenance may cause the fan to run in an ‘unstable’ state for long periods. This situation will shorten the life of the fan and compromise the systems performance.

It is important that filters are kept clean and replaced regularly. It is a warranty requirement that moistureMASTER™ owner’s replace the filters annually. In some environments and circumstances it may be necessary to change the filter more regularly.

moistureMASTER™ has a range of filters to meet almost every rating.

Some Very Important Filter Facts

  • A clogged or dirty filter will severely compromise the performance of the system by restricting air flow. This can lead to an increase in condensation because of a lack of fresh dry air.
  • A clogged or dirty filter will mean the fan will be under extra strain trying to drag the air through the filter. This will result in premature wear and tear on the fan’s bearings and capacitor and may lead to the fan failing altogether.
  • WARRANTY CONDITIONS - For the warranty to remain valid the filter must be replaced with the appropriate moistureMASTER filter every 12 months. Not only will the warranty remain valid but the system will perform at its optimum.
  • NEVER wash and reuse a filter. Washing the filter permanently alters the structure of the filter by closing the fibres. This causes the trapped dust in the fibres to become even more obstructive to air passing through. Again this can lead to the fan failing.

A 1 minute video on how to change a filter can be seen at Filter Servicing.

You can also order your filter online.