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moistureMASTER™’s modular design allows a variety of ‘add on’ options that greatly improve the quality and warmth of the incoming air. The result is a healthier home.

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moistureMASTER™ Pure Air module (Air Purifier)

moistureMASTER™ Pure Air Lamp purifies the air in the exact same way nature does. It oxidises the air using Ozone, leaving pure natural odour free air.

The moistureMASTER™ dual wavelength high purity quartz lamps produce ultraviolet rays and small-controlled amounts of ozone. The UV acts as a sterilizing agent and the ozone, being a gas, oxidises the contaminant particles by converting into carbon dioxide and hydrogen – both of which we can safely breathe.

Small amounts of clean photo eclectically generated Ozone is also good for your home. It is an effective, natural air purification agent that can destroy airborne particles that play a significant role in allergies, asthma, sinus problems and chemical exposure.

Ozone is effective against animal odours, exhaust fumes, sewage gases, paint and fuel odours, cigarette smoke, cooking odours, body odour, alcohol, fish, chemical, waste, coal and wood smoke and general living odours. Ozone also kills mould and mildew spores, removes contaminant particles, charges your home with oxygen molecules and health promoting negative ions and does what filters can’t do.

moistureMASTER™ Digital Electronic Controller (DEC)

Giving you absolute control. The range of moistureMASTER™ DEC controllers are the most sophisticated and versatile electronic controllers available. They have revolutionised the way home ventilation systems operate and provide you with unparallel control in home comfort.

There are now two styles of electronics - the LED touch pad and the LCD.

The moistureMASTER™ DEC controllers include a beautifully designed touch pad that is packed with unique features:

  • Multi-step fan/ventilation control
  • Variable four step control of heat
  • Thermostatic control of heat based on air source or house temperature or both
  • Auto/programmable control of heater
  • Auto/programmable control of air flow
  • Auto/programmable control of air source for summer and winter ventilation
  • Control one or two heaters independently
  • Control optional Air Purifier
  • Zone control to switch zones off or on
  • Combine moisture control ventilation and heat transfer
  • Filter change light alert
  • Multiple & independent fan control for summer and winter ventilation
  • Cost control software to regulate heater use and inform you of the cost of running the heater

The most important feature about moistureMASTER™’s DEC controller is that it puts you in control. Every aspect of the systems operation is at your fingertips.

moistureMASTER™ Fans

The new generation moistureMASTER™ Etaline Ventilation Fans utilise the most advanced European technology available - delivering quiet trouble free reliability that is guaranteed for 5 years (conditions apply).

Click here to see a video presentation of the new Etaline fan technology.

The ILC fans used in moistureMASTER™ systems are made in Germany specifically for home ventilation. These fans have four separate motor windings so do not rely on voltage regulation to control the speeds. This makes them one of the quietest fans available while providing excellent long-term reliability.

moistureMASTER™ fans come in various sizes, each delivering four different amounts of air. The fan choice is decided by the cubic capacity of your home. The stale air in your home should be changed (replaced) every 90 minutes. This will keep your home free of contaminants and condensation. Too much airflow will compromise your heating and not enough airflow will mean that the system is not effective. The multi speed moistureMASTER™ fans gives you complete control over air capacity.

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The new moistureMASTER™ FFH Console is the first home ventilation system that can be installed outside the roof cavity and, in some cases, outside the home. In more radical situations the moistureMASTER™ FFH Console can be installed in cupboards and wardrobes.

The moistureMASTER™ FFH Console been designed to meet high standards in acoustic and thermal insulation. The new moistureMASTER™ FFH Console has made condensation control a reality for almost everyone.

The FFH Console incorporates an air filter, fan and heating unit all in one beautifully engineered box. Servicing the unit is extremely easy and convenient and offer a variety of control options. moistureMASTER™ FFH Console unit can also be set to run automatically, making it a very popular option for landlords.

moistureMASTER™’s Advanced Filtration system – A quick change filter cassette.

The moistureMASTER™ filtration cassette is designed as an “in-line” filter. This allows the air to be drawn into the system from a variety of places.

The standard moistureMASTER™ filter is manufactured to the highest standard and carries an EU4 rating.

Because the filter cassette is installed in front of the fan the air pollution and contaminations are removed before the air reaches the fan. This protects the fan from ‘long term’ damaged cause by ‘air borne’ particles.

The simple practical filter cassette design makes it very easy for you to replace the filters. This must be done every 12 months. The reasons for this are - it is an essential requirement for the validity of the 5-year warranty; after 12 months the filter becomes clogged and severely that compromises the effectiveness of the filter to remove air borne pollutants; a clogged filter puts unnecessary strain on the fan because of the restricted air flow.

moistureMASTER™ strongly advises you do not wash and reuse your filter. Washing does not remove the contaminants. What happens is the washing process causes the contaminants to matt together, thereby changing the composition of filter. This renders it useless for preventing air borne pollutants entering your home.

Carbon activated odour filters are also available. These filters are excellent at combating odours from the incoming air.

There are a range of pleated filters for the moistureMASTER™ FFH model.

All our filters are designed to exceed the most stringent of requirements for ventilation filtration.

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The Amazing moistureMASTER™ HX Unit

In association the worlds leading German ventilation designer and manufacturer moistureMASTER has designed the HX ventilation system. The new innovative moistureMASTER™ HX system is a true heat recovery and heat exchange system that is one of the most efficient in the world.

The new moistureMASTER™ HX system takes the existing heat within the home and uses it to warm the incoming fresh drier unheated air. This HX unit can achieve a heat recovery rate up to a staggering 90% efficiency for just a few cents a day. The HX uses a counter cross flow heat exchange unit coupled with the new energy efficient Etaline fan technology. You now have the luxury of a heat recovery system to control condensation and a warm dry air supply even on those freezing winter nights. No more cold air being introduced to your home. Heat recovery ventilation can be used in tandem with almost any heat source including gas heater, pellet fires, log burner and wood fires. The more heat the greater the efficiency and performance of the system. The HX unit has a small capacity heater to warm the air when there is no heat to recover. The HX heat exchanger can also recover heat from the roof cavity when the sun is shining or be switched at night to use the warmer indoor air to heat the incoming drier fresh air. The HX can also recover heat from the ‘wet areas’ in your home like the bathroom and kitchen.

The moistureMASTER™ HX system is changing the way New Zealanders ventilate and heat their homes. The HX system will prevent condensation and reduces heat demand, transfer heat from warmer areas of the home, efficiently recover potentially lost heat and recycle it back into the home. The HX will even filter, clean and purify the fresh air.

The moistureMASTER™ HX system is a ‘true’ heat recovery/plate heat exchange system. The moistureMASTER™ HX is a quantum leap forward in delivering energy efficiency in ventilation.

Click here to read more about the HX design features.

Inline Thermaflow Heater

moistureMASTER™'s Inline Thermaflow Heaters are made in Germany. They are manufactured to our highest standards in efficiency and operation. There are three heater sizes – 800 watts, 1500 watts and 2300 watts. Each heater can be set at 4 different heat outputs. The heaters have a thermostat and a timer, giving you complete cost and temperature control.

With moistureMASTER™’s new cost control programme (CCP) budgeting feature you can set an operational budget and the LCD readout will tell you exactly how much the heater is costing you.

How much does it cost to operate the heater?

Summer Ventilation Kit

moistureMASTER™ will provide year round ventilation. The moistureMASTER™ ventilation system is capable of changing the entire air within your home from every 12 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the system chosen and the size of your home).

moistureMASTER™ is one of the few ventilation systems that can source fresh air from either the roof cavity and from outside the home. For the Summer Ventilation Kit moistureMASTER™ will install an inlet on the coolest side of the home. When you come home after a hot summers day and your home has been closed up, the air will be fresher, cooler and drier. During those hot balmy summer nights your moistureMASTER™ will bring cooler air in from the outside source and during cold winter days, and when the roof cavity is warm enough (above 12 degrees), the system will use the free warmed air from the roof cavity.

Heat Transfer Unit

If your primary heat source is a log burner, flued gas heater, pellet fire or multi fuel burner the excess heat produced can be efficiently transferred to colder bedrooms during winter. This is an excellent cost effective use of otherwise wasted heat. The benefit is a toasty warm home.

At the touch of a button your moistureMASTER™ Heat Transfer system can be switched between ventilation mode and heat transfer mode. In the ‘Energy Save Mode’ the system automatically switches from ventilation to heat transfer mode every 30 minutes. This means for 50% of the time the excess heat will be redistributed to the colder rooms.

The ‘Energy Save mode’ offers 2 benefits. Firstly - lower running costs for the heater. When the Heat Transfer is operating the heater will likely switch off because the air being transferred will be above the default setting for the heater to turn on - 12 degrees in Auto mode and 25 degrees in Manual. If you don’t have a heater or the heater is turned off then, for 50% of the time, the introduced air will be colder. In most cases this should not affect the moistureMASTER™’s ability to control condensation.

Secondly – a potentially greater output of heat from the heater. When the air is sourced from outside or from the roof cavity it enters the heater much colder than the warmer air sourced from within the home. As a result heat output from the heater will be considerably higher. This provides a definite enhancement of the heater performance and greater energy efficiency for the home.

moistureMASTER™ does not recommend a heat transfer system if your primary heat source is a heat pump or other forms of electric heating. Most electrical heating systems produce very little excess heat and the high cost to produce heat in the first place would out way any benefits. Transferring heat to too many rooms may also reduce the efficiency of the process. Our consultants will provide you with guidance on this.

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