"We now have installed four moistureMASTER systems, one in our home and another three in our flats. We have found them fantastic, we have had comments from or tenants about how much difference they have made within a week of them being installed. No more condensation on the windows, no horrible mould to deal with and the difference in the dryness of the air. This also helps us in relation to up keep of the properties and prevents mildew on the curtains. A moistureMASTER would be my top priority over any other installation i.e. heat pump etc. We have now moved and do not have a moistureMASTER and notice how much condensation we have, how the heating is not as efficient and the mildew around the windows, as soon as we have completed our renovations I will not hesitate to have one installed here and we still have more flats that we will not hesitate to install one in."

Alannah McLellan

"We had some real concerns about installing a system into our 10 bedroom lodge with ventilation issues, heating, climate and odour challenges and with so many different products available we were a bit overwhelmed. After meeting and researching all our options we chose to have the moistureMASTER system installed. After having the moistureMASTER system installed we instantly felt and smelt immediate results – we would highly recommend the moistureMASTER system. We totally endorse the system. Thank you moistureMASTER – what a difference you have made to our property."

Jo Greaney
Arawa Lodge Ohakune

Kathy Hickson

Miren Marshall Seeley