Why moistureMASTER™? - the Benefits of moistureMASTER™

moistureMASTER™ is a Market Leader because it incorporates the latest in European ventilation technology and modular design. moistureMASTER™ systems are beautifully engineered, affordable and reliable – guaranteed.

moistureMASTER™ utilises the very best and latest European technology to ensure that operation is unobtrusive and completely automatic. The modular design means that a system can be designed to fit any style of home, even if you don’t have a roof space. moistureMASTER™ has developed a true ‘in line’ system that draws fresh outside air directly into the centre of the home, providing drier, fresher and healthier air into the home.

moistureMASTER™’s Modular Design offers numerous ‘add ons’ that are unique to our systems – ‘add ons’ that enhance our systems value and versatility.

moistureMASTER™ allows for Heat Transfer Kits, Summer Ventilation Kits, heaters, Pure Air modules, multiple fan systems and numerous other configurations to be added at any stage. In many cases the electronics that control the systems will not require any upgrades or expense when modular additions are made.

moistureMASTER™’s Heat Transfer unit will take the excess heat from one room and transfer it to the cooler rooms in your home.

If your primary heat source is a log burner, flued gas heater, pellet fire or multi fuel burner the excess heat produced can be efficiently transferred to colder bedrooms during winter. This is an excellent cost effective use of otherwise wasted heat. The benefit is a toasty warm home. At the touch of a button your moistureMASTER™ Heat Transfer system can be switched between ventilation mode and heat transfer mode.

In the ‘Energy Save Mode’ the system automatically switches from ventilation to Heat transfer mode every 30 minutes. This means for 50% of the time the excess heat will be redistributed to the colder rooms.

The ‘Energy Save mode’ offers 2 benefits. Firstly - lower running costs for the heater. When the Heat Transfer is operating the heater will likely switch off because the air being transferred will be above the default setting for the heater to turn on - 12 degrees in Auto mode and 25 degrees in Manual. If you don’t have a heater or the heater is turned off then, for 50% of the time, the introduced air will be colder. In most cases this should not affect the moistureMASTER’s ability to control condensation.

Secondly – a potentially greater output of heat from the heater. When the air is sourced from outside or from the roof cavity it enters the heater much colder than the warmer air sourced from within the home. As a result heat output from the heater will be considerably higher. This provides a definite enhancement of the heater performance and greater energy efficiency for the home.

moistureMASTER™ does not recommend a heat transfer system if your primary heat source is a heat pump or other forms of electric heating. Most electrical heating systems produce very little excess heat and the high cost to produce heat in the first place would out way any benefits. Transferring heat to too many rooms may also reduce the efficiency of the process. Our consultants will provide you with guidance on this.

moistureMASTER™’s Summer Ventilation Kit will take cooler air from outside and transfer it to the ‘summer hot rooms’ in your home.

moistureMASTER™ will provide year round ventilation. The moistureMASTER™ ventilation system is capable of changing the entire air within your home from every 12 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the system chosen and the size of your home). moistureMASTER™ is one of the few ventilation systems that can source fresh air from either the roof cavity and from outside the home. For the Summer Ventilation Kit moistureMASTER™ will install an inlet on the coolest side of the home. When you come home after a hot summers day and your home has been closed up, the air will be fresher, cooler and drier. During those hot balmy summer nights your moistureMASTER™ will bring cooler air in from the outside source and during cold winter days, and when the roof cavity is warm enough (above 12 degrees), the system will use the free warmed air from the roof cavity.

moistureMASTER™’s Cost Control Programme (CCP) feature is a quantum leap forward when it comes to energy conservation and controlling operating cost.

Set daily budget in 50c steps

You programme in the amount of money you want to spend per day on the heating function of your moistureMASTER™. This gives you total control over how much you want to spend using the moistureMASTER™ heater. First you enter the ‘unit’ cost of electricity. i.e. How much you pay per kilowatt. This information is on your electricity account. Then you enter your daily budget. For example you might want to budget $2 per day. Once this daily budget has been spent the heater turns off. This is important as the CCP recognises the variable nature of each installation, daily and geographical weather fluctuations, different heater sizes and the individual heater settings.

Unused balances at the end of month may be deleted or rolled over into the next month

If your daily budget is not reached the balance is ‘rolled over’ into the next day.

At the end of each month you can programme the CCP to roll the balance into the next month or wipe the slate clean and begin the month with a zero balance.

The CCP will allow you to make additions to the daily budget at any time.

Running balance of amount spent for the month

The display on the touchpad will show you the accumulated cost to date, remaining balance and a history of the previous two months.

The CCP is unique and is another example of the benefits and innovation of moistureMASTER™.

moistureMASTER™’s Superior Design and Flexibility - moistureMASTER™ has a range of different ventilation systems suitable for almost every home.

moistureMASTER™ systems can be installed in the basement, under the floor or, if space is really limited, in a cupboard. The new moistureMASTER™ Console Model has been specifically designed for homes with no roof space. It can be installed outside the building on an exterior wall. The moistureMASTER™ systems offer greater flexibility and versatility when it comes to home ventilation and condensation control.

moistureMASTER™'s Efficiency and Cost Savings systems are cost effective and could help lower your heating bill. The moistureMASTER™ HX is the latest in heat recovery offering even greater savings.

A moistureMASTER™ Ventilation system will bring savings when it comes to heating your home because moist air is more expensive to heat. MoistureMASTER™ reduces the moisture in your home so the air is not only easier to heat but doesn't feel as cold or damp in winter.

But it gets even better. The moistureMASTER™ ventilation system can complement your heating with free solar heated air from the roof cavity. This will supplement your existing home heating (and potentially reduce your power consumption) by capturing free, solar-heated warm air from your home’s roof space on sunny days.

The new moistureMASTER™ HX - Heat Exchange can extract energy, in the form of heat, as it exhausts humid air from your home. The HX system removes the warm stale air from your home and, via a heat plate, extracts the heat before exhausting to the air outside. At the same time the HX brings a supply of fresh drier air that passes through the HX system. The stored heat is transferred to the incoming air. This air is filtered before being gently pushed back into your home. The result is an efficient and effective heat transfer system that costs very little to run and your home is drier, warmer and healthier - guaranteed. The moistureMASTER™ HX systems are recommended for new homes because of better insulation and heat efficiencies.

moistureMASTER™ is Safer and Quieter - A moistureMASTER™ Ventilation System means a safe and secure home that will also mean a quieter home.

moistureMASTER™ achieves a safer, secure and quieter home because there is no need to leave windows or doors open to allow fresh air in – the system automatically brings fresh, filtered, dry air into your home. This means greater security, safety and less noise. Add to that the moistureMASTER™ Pure Air module and you can purify the air before it enters your home. The Pure Air removes smells and odours and it kills the mould spores. No more smoke, animal, cooking or human odours – and the cost to run the Pure Ait Tube - about $5 a year.

moistureMASTER™ is a Healthier Happy Home. If you have excessive moisture in your home then your health, and that of your family, is being severely compromised.

Moisture and air borne pollutants are major causes of many respiratory problems. If there is excessive moisture in the air then your furniture and furnishings will also have high levels of moisture. Drapes, curtains, carpets and clothing will absorb the moisture making the house feel damp. The excess moisture in the home will add to your heating costs as moist air requires more energy to heat. Moisture is also essential for mould and mildew. Without it mould and mildew cannot survive.

Drapes and carpet all deteriorate rapidly in high humidity. The paintwork and timber around windows and the surrounding walls will quickly show signs of excessive moisture. These are signs that will quickly devalue your investment and eventually you will need to repair, repaint or replace them. The importance of protecting your investment and your family’s health is imperative. The moistureMASTER™ ventilation system guarantees to keep your home free of condensation by replacing stale, humid air with dry, fresh, warm, filtered air. A moistureMASTER™ system will add value to your home and help protect it as well.

moistureMASTER™ offers a Landlord Option that is the perfect solution for tenanted properties – the landlord/tenant system.

This system allows the landlord to control the ventilation system. In other words the fan is controlled by the landlord. This means drier, fresh filtered air is continually being introduced to the flat and preventing condensation. The cost to run the fan 24/7 is minimal. If a heater is fitted to the system then that is controlled by the tenant. This is important as the cost to run the heater can be expensive if used irresponsibly. The Landlord option is a win win for the landlord and tenant.

moistureMASTER™ has a Superior Filter system that removes air borne pollutants including pollen, allergens and dust. These pollutants can be a constant source of suffering for many people who have respiratory complaints.

Over the course of a year the moistureMASTER™ system pumps thousand of cubic metres of air into your home. This air is filtered through a special filter. To keep the system performing at its best the filter must be changed every 12 months. This annual replacement is also a requirement for the warranty. A clogged filter will cause strain on the fan and will compromise the efficiency of the system. The moistureMASTER™ filter system, when combined with the Pure Air unit, provides air quality that is superior. The Pure Air unit removes odours and smells with an Ozone/UV lamp that costs around $5 a year to operate. The benefits for people with allergy and respiratory conditions are, as one customer described it, a miracle.

moistureMASTER™ Outside Air Supply is an absolute winner on those hot balmy summer nights when the heat becomes stifling and for homes with a limited roof cavity.

The moistureMASTER™ ventilation systems can source a fresh air supply from outside the home. This is very important when there is limited air supply from the roof cavity. The benefits include fresh, filtered, odour free, dry, air 24/7 and that means healthier air for everyone.

Positioning the intake for the outside air supply on the coolest side of the home means a cooler air supply can be introduced into your home during the long hot summer days. This can be crucial in the evenings as well. The major benefit of an outside air supply is delivered at night when the air is cooler. You will sleep better in a home with a moistureMASTER™ outside air supply.

moistureMASTER™’s Expert Consultation and Help is legendary. One of the major benefits of moistureMASTER™ is the free no obligation no pressure home consultation.

Every home is different and often customers have different needs and requirements. It is extremely important to you and to moistureMASTER™ that we get it right and the only way to guarantee this is to visit you in your home. Only then can moistureMASTER™ design a system to meet your needs. Our consultants will evaluate and assess your existing heating and cooling systems, room layout, the construction material used in the house, available roof cavity space and any other relevant information so moistureMASTER™ can provide you with the best advice and system.

moistureMASTER™ Inline Thermaflow Heaters are made in Germany. They are manufactured to our highest standards in efficiency and operation.

There are three heater sizes – 800 watts, 1500 watts and 2300 watts. Each heater can be set at 4 different heat outputs. The heaters have a thermostat and a timer, giving you complete cost and temperature control.

With moistureMASTER™’s new cost control programme (CCP) budgeting feature you can set an operational budget and the LCD readout will tell you exactly how much the heater is costing you.

moistureMASTER™ Warranty.

All moistureMASTER™ systems have a 5 year on-site parts and labour warranty, excluding filter servicing. Annual replacement of filter is required to maintain this warranty.